Management Consulting

Contracting is a high-risk business faced with shifting markets, changing delivery methods, tough competition, and challenges that threaten already low profit margins.  Pro-EE helps contractors create effective strategies and implementation plans to manage change and find solutions to reduce risk and increase profits.

Some of the services Pro-EE provides to contractors are:


Like the construction process itself, the increasingly complex business of construction requires careful planning, creative strategies, and coordinated implementation to be successful.  Our consultants assess your current business situation then lead your team through information gathering, strategic planning sessions, written plans, implementation tools, plan review, and reinforcement.  At Pro-EE, we think every company should have a plan.  Our process provides a force for change to help lead your company to higher profits and long-term success through a heightened sense of commitment, teamwork, and focus.


Contractors have learned the value of leadership when it comes to the complexities of running a construction project and managing a construction business.  Increasingly, they are learning that, when a company grows, there is a need to increase the skills of leaders and the number of leaders in the company.  Pro-EE’s organizational and individual leadership development services are helping many upcoming leaders in the construction industry develop their leadership skills.

Business Development

Pro-EE delivers business development consulting services specifically targeted to the unique challenges and opportunities of contractors.  We work with contractors to help build value and profitably grow their businesses by finding their unique market advantage, targeting the right opportunities, getting the message out, and winning work.  Companies seeking to discover more profitable work, build key customer relationships, differentiate themselves from the competition, or broaden their markets will benefit from Pro-EE’s strategic approach to business development.  Our process is comprised of six key elements that address the “get work” needs of your company to build an effective business development strategy.

  • Business Development Assessment
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Target Marketing
  • Differentiation Strategies
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Marketing Communications

Project Execution

At Pro-EE, we understand the challenges contractors face: increased competition, demanding customers, less qualified workforce, and more sophisticated projects.  We work with many contractors every year to improve their project execution process and train project managers and field supervisors.  From a thorough assessment and recommendations to improve productivity to project partnering, teambuilding, and training, Pro-EE consultants help you to work smarter.